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8 min readMar 31, 2022

Solana Zoo’s goal is to maximize the potential of blockchain in the popular financial field, revolutionizing the concept of an investment fund that we have today.

We want to create a company with knowledgeable staff that can direct the community towards more and more specific financial knowledge so as to involve them directly in investments. The aim is to let our community decide the investments that the Fund will make through democratic voting.

The individual holder will also be able to directly propose a type of investment to focus on through a suitable form, in such a way as to listen to even the smallest voices of the community, without ever leaving anyone behind.

Form for all our crypto investors!

All this will take place following a clear and defined roadmap, which will allow us to start with a portfolio composed of 60% of the Mint of Solana Zoo Lemur Club (Chart 1) and 60% of all future royalties from the collection (Chart 2).

The total income generated will be the basis for building the Solana Zoo Investment, and it will be divided as follows:

Chart 1 and 2

· 40% Mint and 40% Royalties- Low risk accumulation plan, this will be based on holding a cryptocurrency that will be chosen by the community among the most popular ones. This investment will allow us to accumulate a solid treasury with a return between 6% and 15% per year (depending on what cryptocurrency the community will choose). This will be our vault, which in case of emergencies will never leave Solana Zoo out of pocket.

· 30% Mint- Medium risk Defi investment, always chosen by the community according to different proposals offered, which will give us a return between 50% and 150% per year according to our estimates. This investment will be mobile, we will follow the waves of the market to always find the most profitable opportunity for the community, without ever falling into panic. It will be the flagship of the Solana Zoo Investment Fund.

· 30% Mint and 60% Royalties- With this capital we’re going to perform several operations, all revolving around Solana Blockchain, our parent cryptocurrency. The first steps will be to put Solana as a passive income with the option to demobilize it at any time, so that we can generate between 5% and 10% during the periods when our investments are inactive or under evaluation. We will subsequently divide the capital as follows:

-45% Will be used to fund other NFT projects on Solana Blockchain, entering as whales and making daily or long time trading profits. All chosen projects will be decided (and also proposed) by our community. We will have chances to enter with priority whitelists given the great economic possibilities and therefore the almost guarantee of secure profits.

-30% Will be allocated according to the proposals of the individual holders of our community. We have created a form where anyone who owns at least 1 Lemur can ask for our attention and propose a project on which to invest a part of the capital. All valid requests will be turned to the community to decide together about it.

This is the purpose for which we created the project. It represents a small part of the fund only because at the beginning we need to be careful to make a secure profit to finance our future projects, but as time goes by the individual requests of our holders will be receiving more and more budget. We want to find the new Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk to build together a rocket to the Moon.

-18% Will be used to fund $ZOO, our future backbone. $ZOO will have multiple utilities, as well as an increasingly high economic value (we will explain why and the various utilities below).

-7% It will be assigned to the construction of the Solana Zoo Metaverse, where our Lemurs will be the first inhabitants but other Clubs will follow, helping to evolve our Investment Fund but also the design of a virtual reality development dedicated to our Zoo, where every animal will be paid to stay and have fun (in $ZOO of course).

The fund will be increased every day with new royalties, but we will really start to have fun when we will increase it with new Mint’s income, thanks to the creation of next Clubs that will become part of Solana Zoo. Each Club will have its own characteristics, both aesthetic and economic, but surely the Lemur Club will have the highest % of profits, due to the fact that it was the first to be created.

The Solana Zoo Investment Fund will be displayed graphically in the Safe of our website and updated day by day with new increases (including royalties, profits and new mint), because we like to do everything with the utmost transparency, so that all holders can also see our results graphically and feel satisfied with the project in which they are believing.


Our future backbone

This is the most sensitive part of the project, simply because we are building our lives on Solana Zoo, so going on and planning the things that the evolution of technology will bring -and consequently the various uses of the token- it’s not very easy. We assure our Community that we will be constantly updated on any news that can bring profits and growth opportunities to our projects.

For now, we can show you the studies we have done for the next few years of Solana Zoo, where $ZOO Token will enter more and more into the economy of the Fund until it becomes its most valuable commodity.

How $ZOO will be generated:

In the beginning $ZOO will be issued only through staking, the features of which will be published later.

Staking will be structured in such a way that the longer you stake your Lemur the more you will be rewarded daily, because it means you strongly believe in our Solana Zoo!

Soon we will announce new ways to release $ZOO, both for new collections and bonus airdrop for the community (in the meantime I can tell you that those who will own the Mysterious Lemur, the few lucky ones who won it pre-Mint, will receive the first small gift in $ZOO later, so do not throw it away)!

Utilities of $ZOO in chronological order:

1. 1. A marketplace will be created on our website where, through the $ZOO generated by your staking, you will be able to purchase Solana Zoo Lemur Club at different prices based on their rarity, allowing you to increase your staked tokens and generate more $ZOO, or resell them in our affiliated marketplaces. These Lemurs will be offered for sale directly by Solana Zoo, as we will be doing “Sweep Floor” operations over time, depending on market trends and profits from our investments.

2. Staking Booster feature, where you can purchase through $ZOO a bonus on your staking period that will increase your ability to generate $ZOO daily.

3. Purchase of whitelists and NFTs of projects with secure returns acquired from our Investment Fund. These will be gifts that we will give to the community that is generating $ZOO, to reward those of you who believe more in our project.

4. Exclusivity of our future Clubs. Solana Zoo’s future new collections will not be available to everyone:

a. Most of the whitelists in our future collections will be obtainable only through $ZOO, without having to participate in giveaways or based on your activity. You will just need to follow the updates and use the $ZOO generated to be able to make a sure profit.

b. A portion of our future collections will not be purchasable with Mint, but you can receive NFTs by burning $ZOO generated over time. A guarantee for a sustainable future, in which those who believe in the project will find in their personal portfolio more and more valuable goods without having to increase their initial investment.

5. Participate in raffles where we will give away cryptocurrencies of various kinds with a minimum burning of $ZOO for tickets. This will always give more value to $ZOO and the sacrificed cryptocurrencies will go to make our community happy.

6. Ability to use $ZOO for our products, both in our metaverse and in real life.

7. Ability to sell $ZOO at a value that will be around one dollar, according to our estimates for near future, if for personal needs or other reasons you want to disinvest part of the $ZOO generated (but trust us, you will not want to).

8. In update, as we have very high ambitions….

How sustainable is the $ZOO ecosystem:

For all the reasons listed above, where a $ZOO fee is required for each benefit granted, the increase in staking will be offset by the use of holders.

Solana Zoo will do a semi-annual burn of 50% of the token collected from user purchases.

Our Investment Fund meanwhile will work rigorously to allow our money box to grow more and more, also thanks to new collections, opening the doors to a rich Metaverse with a loyal community aware of our active investments.

The entire TOKENIMICS will be constantly updated as the project develops.

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